Exploring the Countryside!

Shooting Kids is a massive opportunity for creativity and the more developed the shoot the easier it will be to tap into their relaxed carefree imaginative world!  The moment they get bored is the same moment your images go the same way! 

In my opinion you have less time to get the shots on this type of shoot so keep it fun, Keep it lively and most importantly know the story you are trying to tell.

Storyboard your shoot, go nuts! Everyone else is doing the same thing so why not set your inner kid free, try to remember back to when you were a kid, think about what was fun for you because even though times change carefree childhood innocence will always remain, if you find this in your shoot your images will sparkle!

Get the parents involved to keep energy levels up and to make the kids feel as comfortable as possible. Always discuss the theme with the parents so everyone’s on the same page.  Collaboration is the key in every type of photography- when everyone is on the same mission the photographer has more time to do what he/she does best - finding emotion in images!

The story of this shoot was a little girl who’s just moved to the countryside from the big city.  The girl along with her little friend decides to go exploring! She is out for the whole day playing games and having fun with her little teddy bear until her mother calls her for dinner, reluctantly she heads hope having had a great day!

The images were all taken with a 70-200mm lens at a constant 2.8 aperture; I attached a CPL to the lens and the camera used was a Canon 5D mark iii, it was shot in 100% natural light. 

I strongly believe timing makes or breaks your shoot so when I came up with the concept I knew it had to be shot as the sun was low in the sky placing a gentle golden glow onto our little girl.

The little girl in the pics was so well behaved and was quite the little model!